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Android Training

Android Training

Android Training

Being one of the best open source operating system, Android easily powers hundreds of millions of cellphones and that too in more than 170 countries all over the world. Do you know that Android is one of the largest installed base of mobile platforms? Plus its usage is expanding each day as millions of users are powering up their Android devices to search for the latest games, apps, and various digital content.

Why Android Training is the perfect choice for your career?

No doubt, Android is for all. It is one of the most extensively used technology on app development. Frankly, it is important that the Android training program chosen by you must be suitable for ones who aren’t comfy with the Object oriented programming concepts. It is necessary that your training program must give a tour of the core Java which provides the require Java skills to create android apps.

Some of the major advantages of Android are –

  • It is a free open source technology
  • The latest hybrid of the Google technology
  • It has huge number of applications and these applications are written in Android which is simply based on JAVA.
  • Android developers can get good amount of money by uploading various android app into online market.
  • It runs on millions of mobile devices.

Why you should do your Android Training in Connected Ventures Academy?

The best part of learning from us is that our Android training course contains basic to advanced levels and is specially created to get placed in the best MNC firms as fast you finish the Android certified training course. In addition our Android trainers are apps development expert and the best working professionals having great hands on and real time experience.

The Android syllabus and content is created based on the requirements of the students, so that they can achieve their career goals. Also, from our Android training courses you will get educated on Android architecture, apps fundamentals, Android SDK, Medial API, etc. Now, Google authorized Android training will take you to the path of a certified Android app developer. Even the basics of the Android Studio which will take you to the advanced concepts like wireless connectivity, syncing to the cloud, etc. From our course, you can easily be the best Android app developer and pass the AAD(Associate Android Developer). In addition, the examinations are conducted online by Google. Even you will be able to gain an better understanding about the Android architecture.

With our course, you can not only create but even publish your own Android apps at Google Pay store. Furthermore, this app is quite suitable for App developers who really think of mastering the Android development and become professional and aspiring app developers. Plus, you get the best course that is recommended if you have a proper understanding of Java or any of its Java essentials.

About placement

With regard to Android technology, more than 55 students who have learned from us are placed in various IT field.


What is Android? (2 hours)

  1. Android Versions.
  2. Android Features.
  3. Kernal.
  4. Android Architecture and components.

Software Prerequisites.(8 hours)

  2. Android Studio
  3. Android SDK
  4. Android Development Tools (ADT)
  5. AVD and Genymotion.

Java Basics(5 Hours)

  1. OOPS
  2. Class & Objects
  3. Methods

Android Components ( 8 hours)

  1. Activity
  2. Services
  3. BroadcastReceiver
  4. ContentProvider

Intents (12 hours)

  1. Activity Navigation
  2. Activity Results
  3. Data parcel using Intents
  4. Calling Built-In Applications Using Intents

Screen Density (10 hours)

  1. LinearLayout , TableLayout , RelativeLayout, FrameLayout
  2. ScrollView, NestedScrollView
  3. Layout Manager
  4. Orientation
  5. Colors,styles and Themes
  6. Creating user Interface Programmatically.

Widgets (20 hours)

  1. Basic Widgets (Textview, EditText, Spinner, Buttons, Checkbox, RadioButtons etc..

Containers/Components (15 hours)

  1. LayoutInflater
  2. ExpandableListView/ RecyclerView/CardView
  3. ProgressBar
  4. Constratint Layout
  5. Design Library and Appcompat Library
  6. WebView

Firebase and Social Media Integration (10 Hours)

  1. Facebook Integration
  2. Twitter Integration
  3. Google+ Integration

Picker ( 5 Hours)

  1. DatePicker
  2. TimerPicker
  3. Calender

Menus (8 Hours)

  1. ContextMenus
  2. SubMenus
  3. OptionMenus
  4. Menus from Resources
  5. ActionBar(ToolBar)
  6. Menus in Action Bar

Dialogs (6 Hours)

  1. AlertDialogs
  2. ProgressBarDialogs
  3. TimerPickerDialogs
  4. DatePickerDialogs

Fragments (8 Hours)

  1. Fragments
  2. Life Cycle of a Fragment
  3. Interactions between Fragments and Viewpager

Hardware (8 Hours)

  1. Video
  2. Audio
  3. Camera
  4. Bluetooth

Data Persistence (20 hours)

  1. Internal and External Storage
  2. Shared Preferences
  3. Database
  4. ORM
  5. Database CRUD Operations

Intent – Actions (2 Hours)

  1. Send Message
  2. Send Email

Location-Based Services (5 Hours)

  1. Google Maps Introduction
  2. MAPS UI Settings
  3. Geocoding and Market
  4. Location Tracking

Networking (6 Hours)

  1. HTTP Post Client
  2. Introduction to Volley and Retrofit
  3. Image Loading and caching
  4. Picasso and Glide

Detailed Components(10 hours)

  1. Activity, Service Registration and creation
  2. AsyncTask, Service and IntentService

Google PlayStore (8 Hours)

  1. How to prepare your application for deployment
  2. Exporting your application as an APK file and signing it with a new certificate
  3. How to distribute your Android application

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