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Angular Training

Angular Training

Angular Training

One of the best open source web based application framework that is maintained by the Google is the Angular. This framework is even maintained by various corporations and community of individuals for addressing the various challenges that occur in creating single-page apps. Frankly, this app help in simplifying the testing and development of various applications, thereby providing an extensive framework for MVC (client-side model view controller) and MVVM (Model View Viewmodel) architecture with the various components that are often used in rich and interactive internet apps.

HTML is an excellent tool for declaring static views. However, it simply stumbles when you use it for declaring any kind of dynamic views, especially in the web-application. The best part of using Angular is that it helps in organizing the JavaScript and developing responsive sites. No doubt, Angular provides HTML vocabulary and this helps in creating readable, powerful and fast source for development.

Why Angular is the perfect choice for your career?

By learning the Angular, you will easily understand the basic importance of its major features. Also, through the Angular training you can know about the JavaScript, Angular library and MVC framework. Plus you can even learn how to create controllers and even share the data among controllers.

Through the course, you can even learn about dependency injection concepts and also about the custom directives, overview of creating routes and even filters. You can even learn about the description of Angular modules and even about the generator-node or Yeoman, Rest Exposure and Node.js. Furthermore, you can deploy any kind of validations and business logics. All this can be done in the controllers. You can even integrate the Angular to MVC and easily work on the real-time Angular applications.

The best part of using Angular is that it contains two-way data binding that can easily relieve the responsibilities of the template. This is done at the server backend. Plus you can provided with templates in plain HTML text as per the data that is present in the scope which is simply defined in the model. Here, the Scope service will find out the changes that are done to the model section and will even modify the HTML expression as per the view through the controller.

Some of the advantage of learning Angular are –

  • It is the best open source and most powerful JavaScript Framework
  • Angular is commonly utilized for SPA (Single Page Applications)
  • It provides responsive and best UI for users.
  • Helps in extending the HTML and that too along the new attributes
  • By using JavaScript, you can develop dynamic websites and for that Angular is the best choice.
  • Easy to organize the JavaScript
  • Helps in creating responsive (fast) sites
  • Easily adaptable to the jQuery

Why you should do your Angular training in Connected Ventures Academy?

We are one of the best Angular training service providers in India. Our trainers are well experienced and have extensive knowledge in the powerful JavaScript Framework. Plus we even provide the perfect Angular training that is perfect for the SPA (Single Page Applications). Also, we have an interactive training class where students can easily clear their doubts and work on real-time projects.

About placement

Almost 80% of our students trained in Angular are working in some of the best software development firms. Also, each year various multinational software companies visit our campus for campus recruitment.

UNIT 1. Introduction (Duration: 15 Hrs)

  1. Node js
  2. Npm
  3. Angular
  4. Angualr-cli

UNIT 2.Basic (Duration: 20 Hrs)

  1. Architecture Overview
  2. Template
  3. Data binding
  4. Directives
  5. Pipes
  6. Animation

UNIT 3.Form (Duration: 15 Hrs)

  1. Form Input
  2. FormValidation
  3. Reactive From
  4. Dynamice Form

UNIT 4.Advanced (Duration: 40 Hrs)

  1. Component
  2. Routing
  3. Http Client
  4. Third party library

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