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iOS Training

iOS Training

iOS Training

Earlier known as iPhone OS, iOS is one of the most efficient mobile OS which was developed by the Apple Corporation in mid 2007. This iOS development is commonly address in various programming languages like Objective-C programming and Swift programming, especially when there is an OOPs concept added to the Objective-C language.

Through certified iOS App Development course, you can become the best experts in the iOS 10 app development, thereby mastering the basic concept of iOS and even the Swift 3 Programming language. Through the structured iOS training course, you can know about latest version of the Swift 3 and get hands-on experience in the iOS app development through the application related projects.

Why iOS Training is the perfect choice for your career?

Do you know what is the best part of taking iOS training? One of the major ones is that you canimplement the iOS 10 feature and that too with the Swift 3. In addition you can easily understand the fundamentals of Swift 3 language. WIth the iOS training you can become expert in working with methods, classes, notifications, message integrations, etc. Also, you can easily create apps using the knowledge of the new iOS feature. Through the iOS training course, you can gain knowledge about the interactive session which allows you to know a lot about the iPhone application development in simple and easy manner.

Some of the major benefits in going for iOS training are –

  • Step by step approach in knowing about the architecture and hardware of iPhone.
  • Interactive training will easily help in solving problems, gaining concept knowledge and solution system.
  • Easily master the Xcode, Interface Builder, objective C, etc.

iOS course is quite ideal for any person who really wants to learn about iOS app development and eager to create a successful career in mobile application development. The iOS course that you take will train you to create apps right from the scratch, and that too using the Swift programming language.

In addition, this course is apt for web developers who are extensively interested in expanding their skillset for iOS app development. Also mobile developers can easily enrich their portfolio of apps with the help of the Swift programming language. iOS training is even best for students who is quite interested in iOS app development.

Why you should do your iOS Training in Connected Ventures Academy?

By doing your iOS training from us, you get the best knowledge sharing session in both practical and theoretical concepts. Plus, our trainers have extensive years of experience and are the best industrial experts. We allow students to go through and work on real-time projects, thereby ensuring that they have a wide understanding about what iOS training is about.

About placement

We are one of the best recruitment partners for large as well as small scale businesses in India. Various reputed corporates and brands visit our campus and select the best from our talented pool on regular basis. No doubt, our institute is the most preferred destinations for the job seeking aspirants in the domain of software and hardware testing.

Course Syllabus

1.Introduction & Getting Started – 8hrs

  1. Introduction
  2. Versions and features (Mac, iOS, Xcode and Swift)
  3. Navigating The Xcode Interface

2.Introduction to Swift – 50 hrs

  1. History of Swift – 2 hrs
  2. Swift Playgrounds
  3. Introducing Variables
  4. Swift 4 functions
  5. Constants & logical operators
  6. Arrays & Dictionaries
  7. Object oriented programming
  8. Classes & Objects
  9. Swift 4 Deep Dive

3.Foundational iOS – 80hrs

  1. Model View Controller (MVC)
  2. Storybords and Auto Layout guide
  3. Basic UI Design
  4. IBOutlets and IBActions
  5. Working with UITableView and UIScrollView
  6. Changing Screens with Segues – Xcode 9 Updates
  7. Working with Picker,Date picker,Imageview, Image picker controller
  8. Working with Gestures , Core locations and Mapkit
  9. Delegates and Protocols
  10. Extensions

4.Simulators and Debugging – 40hrs

  1. Working with different simulators and devices
  2. Debugging application in device
  3. Breakpoints
  4. Working with Console log

5.Notifications and Multimedia – 20hrs

  1. Local Notifications
  2. Push Notifications
  3. Working with Audio and Video files
  4. Uiimage caching

6.Core Data, User Defaults, Json Data & Web views – 30hrs

  1. Introducing to Core Data and SQLite
  2. Working with User Defaults and Plist
  3. Rest APIs & JSON Data Parsing
  4. Working with web views

7.Social Media and Firebase – 40hrs

  1. Facebook Integration
  2. Twitter Integration
  3. Google + Integration
  4. Working with Firebase and Google services

8.Understanding Apple certification Process and Apple App distribution process – 10hrs

  1. Types of certification
  2. Registering for the certificate
  3. Apple developer console
  4. Creating a certificate and provisioning profile
  5. Uploading app to iTunes connect

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