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PHP Training

PHP Training

PHP Training

Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) is one of the commonly used open source generalized scripting languages. This is suitable for web development and even embedded to any HTML. One of the best parts of learning PHP is that it is quite simple for newbie compared to other programming languages. In addition for professional programmers it provides multiple advanced features. Within a short span any individual who takes PHP training can easily write executable scripts in matter of hours. Along with the assistance provided by us, the pioneers in Open Source Software Training, no doubt you can become the master in PHP coding.

WhyPHP is the perfect choice for your career?

A simple Google search or historical research will show you that in the last decade or so, there has been a great development in the Open Source Technology. A clear glance into the future of open source will easily show you the amount of significant progress that Open Source has made and why it is one of the alternatives for licensed programming software. So, it means nothing can beat the major advantage PHP has in terms of security, innovation and quality.

Having more than 1 million awesome projects worldwide, no doubt open source technology like PHP has build an environment of great innovation and bought changes to the entire IT industry. Various market researches show the immense trend that PHP has bought in the field of employment and career, especially in the Indian market. About half a dozen leading global giants embracing the PHP technology, and it is not surprising to see many software firms as well as start-ups becoming the devotees of the PHP technology. Also, this embedded language can be embedded with the JavaScript and HTML to design dynamic websites.

No doubt, PHP works with any kind of DBMS and it is the perfect one for the MySql as most of codes are created keeping in mind of the MySql. Another biggest aspect in using PHP is that it is a free tool and you don’t need to purchase any copy or license to install into your system. More importantly, it is quite secured.

Some of the basic advantages of the PHP are –

  • It is an excellent Open Source tool
  • It is quite stable, fast and secure
  • It can run on various kinds of platforms like Unix, Windows, etc
  • It supports huge databases like Informix, MySQL, Sybase, Oracle, Generic ODBC, etc,
  • It is easily compatible with all kinds of servers available today like IIS, Apache, etc.

Why you should do your PHP training in Connected Ventures Academy?

The best part of learning PHP from us is that you get to learn from the best. Our training centre is equipped with the state of the art infrastructure and lab facilities. Compared to other PHP training programs, we provide the Zend certification training path which is necessary for PHP certification. Also, we have trained more than 60 students and even provided placements.

About placement

In comparison to Dot net and Java, the placement for PHP training is too high. So, it means that there is a market for more than 75% vacancy in PHP programming.

Course Details:

  • Core PHP
  • Laravel Framework
  • MySql
  • Server Configuration


UNIT 1. Indtoduction (Duration: 8 Hrs)

  1. Introduction to Server, PHP & MySql
  2. Version & features
  3. How it works

UNIT 1. Basic PHP funtions (Duration: 8 Hrs)

  1. Variables
  2. DataTypes
  3. Constants
  4. Loops
  5. Conditions
  6. Functions
  7. Global Variables
  8. Arrays

UNIT 2. Form & Database (Duration: 20 Hrs)

  1. Form & validation
  2. Database connection
  3. CURD functions

UNIT 3. Advanced funtions in PHP (DURATION: 20 Hrs)

  1. Advanced array functions
  2. String functions
  3. Date & time functions
  4. File Handling
  5. Session
  6. Cookies
  7. Mail functions

UNIT 4. MySql Database (DURATION: 20 Hrs)

  1. Insert & Multiple Inserts
  2. Update
  3. Delete
  4. Joins
  5. Typecasting
  6. Advanced functions
  7. Conditions
  8. Search
  9. Report

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