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Software Testing Training

Software Testing Training

Software Testing Training

 “The more effort we put into testing the product conceptually at the start of the process, the less effort we had to put into manually testing the product at the end because less bugs would emerge as a result.”— Trish Khoo
The Future of Software QA Testing would be great. The skills required for this job keeps changing.
Connected Ventures Academy’s Software Testing Course teaches basic to advance level concepts in software testing. Practical sessions parallel to class room training. Course conducted by Working Software Professionals. Special Placement training included in this package.
Course Details:


  1. Manual Testing
  2. Automation Testing


  1. Web Testing
  2. Mobile Testing


  1. E-Commerce
  2. Health and Insurance
  3. Banking
  4. Telecom

Course Syllabus:

UNIT 1. Software Testing Fundamentals (DURATION: 4 Hrs)

Introduction to Software Testing
Testing Objectives
Software Testing concepts

UNIT 2. Software Testing Life Cycle (DURATION: 30 Hrs)

Development Models
Software Testing Levels
Unit Testing
Integration Testing
System Testing
Acceptance Testing
Software Testing Types
Functional Testing
Non Functional Testing

UNIT 3. Test Case Development (DURATION: 8 Hrs)

Test Scenario
Test Case Specifications
Test Basis

UNIT 4. Testing Techniques (DURATION: 8 Hrs)

Static Technique
Dynamic Technique

UNIT 5. Test Management (DURATION: 10 Hrs)

Roles and Responsibilities
Estimation Techniques
Test Strategy
Test Control and Risks

UNIT 6. Defect Life Cycle (DURATION: 3 Hrs)

Bug , Defect and Failure
Life cycle

UNIT 7. Testing Tools (DURATION: 10 Hrs)

Test Design Tool
Test Data Preparation Tool
Test Execution Tool
Bug Tracking Tool

UNIT 8. Web and Mobile Testing (DURATION: 24 Hrs)

Web Applications
Android Devices
iOS Devices

UNIT 9. Quick on Automation Tool (DURATION: 30 Hrs)

Environment Setup
Test case development

Final: Live Testing Project

Real Time project involvement.

Other Benefits:

Resume Support
Placement Training

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