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Web Design Training

Web Design Training

Web Design Training

Web design contains various kinds of disciplines and skills in the maintenance and production of websites. The word web design is commonly used for defining the design process related to the front-
end (which means client side) design of website, which even includes mark up. Do you know web design can easily overlap the web engineering concept into broader scope?

Web designer must have the awareness of the usability and if their role requires them to create mark ups, then they need to do so and be up to date on the web accessibility guidelines. Recently, there has been a new release in terms of the standards of CSS (CSS3) and HTML (HTML5) and even with the JavaScript API, where each is a new and individual standard. But the term HTML5 is basically used for referring the latest version of the HTML and some of the major JavaScript APIs. Do you know that responsive web design is one of the latest approach that is simply based on CSS3? It provides a deeper and better level of the per-device specification and that too within the stylesheet of the page. This is done through the enhances usage of the CSS pseudo-selector. Through a web designing course, you can easily learn how to build and design beautiful sites. This is possible by learning the basic principles involved in design like color theory, branding, typography, etc. Such aspects are quite instrumental in the website design process. Plus you will be able to learn the CSS and HTML, the common code languages that are present in most of the modern websites built nowadays.

Why Web Design is the perfect choice for your career?

As the Internet is expanding all around the world and even becoming faster due to mobile users, websites are becoming popular. Each person is always on the lookout for promoting their brands, services, information and even selling products on their website. Web designers are needed in each company for making the desired changes, thereby allowing search engines to crawl on regular basis.
Also, the huge requirement has even lead to increase in the need of responsive web design.

Why should you do your Web Design training in Connected Ventures Academy?

We at Connected Venture Academy design courses that provide proper understanding and focused knowledge. This is needed for deploying and integrating the latest websites and web applications. More importantly, we will teach you on using industry-standard tools, WordPress, Adobe Muse, Animate CC and many other tools to create job oriented and real time websites. Our training course contains basic to advanced level of web designing and it is created to get placed in excellent IT firms.

In addition, our training center is equipped with the latest technology and environment that ensures you are well-versed in all the aspects of web designing. Plus our classes are conducted by the experienced
and best faculties, having all round experience in web designing and development. Our faculties believe in creating interactive environment where each student gets separate attention and end their queries and doubts.

About placement

We are the preferred recruitment partners in web development for most of the software and IT firms. Reputed corporates visit our campus and have selected the best candidates from our training center.


Course Duration: 3 Months


Basics in Web Design

  1. Brief History of Internet
  2. What is World Wide Web
  3. Why create a web site
  4. Web Standards
  5. Audience requirement

Web Design Principles

  1. Basic principles involved in developing a web site
  2. Planning process, Design Concepts
  3. Page design
  4. Home Page Layout

Working with HTML

  1. What is HTML
  2. Basic structure of an HTML document
  3. Creating an HTML document
  4. HTML Typography
  5. HTML Tags
  6. Elements of HTML
  7. Working with Text, Lists, Tables and Frames
  8. Working wit h Hyperlinks, Images and Multimedia
  9. Working with Forms and controls

Cascading Style Sheets

  1. Concept of CSS, Creating Style Sheets
  2. CSS Properties, CSS Id and Class
  3. CSS Styling(Background, Text Format, Controlling Fonts)
  4. Working with block elements and objects
  5. Working with Lists and Tables
  6. Box Model(Introduction, Border properties, Padding Properties, Margin properties)
  7. CSS Advanced(Color, Grouping, Dimension, Display, Positioning, Floating, Align,Pseudo class, Navigation Bar, Image Sprites, Attribute sector)
  8. Styling HTML pages uisng CSS

Introduction to Web Publishing or Hosting

  1. Domains, Hosting Space, Hosting Providers
  2. FTP, Cpanel
  3. SEO basics (href links, tag structure, page attributes)
  4. Preparing website for hosting (File Structure)
  5. Publishing a website (Uploading Files, Previewing, Editing files online)
  6. Maintenance & website upgrades

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